Prevent Midlands Kids Drowning

No child deserves to drown because he can’t afford to learn to swim.

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Community Problem:

Every year in the South Carolina Midlands kids drown because they don't know how to swim. Swimming lessons can reduce the likelihood of childhood drowning by 88%. But, our neediest kids are not learning to swim. According to the USA Swimming Foundation:


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The tragic headlines at the right remind us that the problem hits home.

Our Solution:

Provide swim lessons for children of low income families.  The Swim Lessons Company (SLC) has partnered with local business and civic leaders to create the Swim Lessons Foundation. SLC provides swim lessons at 50% off and the foundation picks up the rest. Our goal is to ensure that, in the Midlands (Lexington and Richland Counties), no children drown because their families can't afford to enroll them in a quality learn-to-swim program like The Swim Lessons Company.  The Swim Lessons Company and The Swim Lessons Foundation are proud local partners of the USA Swimming Foundation's Make a Splash program.

How you can help: